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Checklist For Micro Wedding Planning

A micro wedding is a small, intimate ceremony that can be anything from the bride and groom’s closest family members to just the couple themselves. Planning a micro wedding means thinking about all of the details and making sure you get what you want without going overboard or breaking your budget.

Recently, especially due to COVID 19, micro weddings have become very popular. The latest crisis made couples come up with alternative wedding plans. The following post by Designed Dream covers all the details and plan ideas for small (micro wedding planning checklist), and as well as last-minute checklist.

backyard wedding planning

Micro weddings are perfect for couples who are short on funds but still want love in their life, or long distance couples who are unable to make it back home for an elaborate event. They also work well as elopements, vow renewals or even second ceremonies. Whatever type of ceremony it may be, planning a marriage can be daunting if left unattended – so here are some tips that will get you started on planning a simple wedding!

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a small/mid-sized wedding or an elopement that falls in between the two. People are interested in doing so-called “micro weddings” nowadays because they want to plan their marriages during Covid-19, although “micro weddings” have been around for a long time. Couples are discovering just how wonderful they can be, and today we believe they are more popular than ever. They follow a “wedding day-of timetable” but are far less stressful for the couple.

For couples who are looking for a more intimate wedding, yet still want to keep the ceremony special and unique, there is micro weddings. These small/mid-sized weddings or elopements fall in between the two traditional options of large affairs and smaller gatherings.

A new trend that has emerged over recent years is ‘micro’ or ‘smaller than average size’ marriages which falls somewhere inbetween the two traditional choices of larger ceremonies with many people invited (most common) as well as those where only close family members know about it beforehand (‘elope’). Micro events have become popular because they offer an opportunity for guests from different places around town to come together without having to travel too far away at one time meaning their loved ones can be present.

The most common number of attendees for a micro wedding is 20-25. The difference between a micro wedding and a traditional wedding is that a micro wedding is just a regular wedding, but just like everything in the wedding world, it may be perceived in a variety of ways. Much more information is available below.

Micro Wedding Planning Checklist

Set Your Budget:

Wedding planning has a defined process, and in the early stages, one of the first things you should consider in the planning stage is establishing and then setting your budget. When it comes to wedding planning, there is no one-size-fits-all budget. The decisions you make about your spending will rely on what you can manage and what you want to invest. See below the micro wedding planning checklist:

Schedule a discussion with your partner and make a comprehensive list of all of the expenses involved in your wedding:

  • What have you saved so far?
  • Will the total amount of money we will save in the months before the wedding equal the amount of money we will spend on the wedding?
  • How much are family members contributing? – Most of the time, it’s nothing, but every once in a while, it’s quite a bit. There will be distinct numbers for everyone.

Once you’ve calculated everything, you should know how much you can spend (Credit cards are not recommended for weddings).  If you and your partner need to know the mandatory items for your wedding, then you should talk to each other. Each project is unique, and so are the challenges you’ll face. Priority #1: First; then #2, then #3, and so on.

Micro weddings and elopements are considerably simpler to organize since you don’t have as many people to deal with. Most of your money will go to the venue and catering for a regular-sized wedding of 150-250 guests. It is impossible to avoid. You may spend a little more on important items since your wedding is a smaller affair.

Next, be sure to budget your money. Next, do the following:

  • Choose the size of your guest list (some helpful info below)
  • Consider scheduling your wedding at your preferred location and book your favorite wedding providers
  • Have a wedding webpage where you’ll tell your guests about all the action that is going on during your marriage

Get in personalization

Listed below are a few suggestions for making your wedding day unique, including selecting a theme and making it harder to host a big number of guests:

If you have fewer visitors, you will be able to have everyone in one group picture taken by your photographer. Even on a wedding day with many people, this is rarely practical.

Popular menu – Due to the limited number of people who will be dining, you have a greater degree of creativity with the menu. Using what you and your spouse like from last year, design something that you can both enjoy, such as a small wedding reception (with mini club sandwiches as the groom’s favorite appetizer).

A unique music playlist created by you – Try to connect with your visitors, and find out which music they like. These songs would make a great addition to your playlist or you could ask your band if they could perform a few of them.

Wedding food trucks – Food trucks are seldom seen at weddings since they may create a little mayhem. I like the sound of this, but when there are over 150 people standing in line for an ice cream truck, it takes up a lot of time and dance floor space. You may include a food truck to your mini wedding’s itinerary and it is simple and hassle-free.

The best of friends and close relatives will be there for a tiny wedding. A greater number of individuals have the ability to share an entertaining tale about the pair or to provide kind comments. One of the best things about having fewer guests is that you get to be a little more innovative with your favors. Food favors are popular. Think about finding out your host’s favorite local foods and drinks and give them out to visitors.

Choose your dress

Your passion to wear a beautiful wedding dress with a veil makes you feel that you should wear it. Conversely, if you’d like to dress in a more relaxed or comfortable way, you should do so alternatively.

Make your guest list

What is the most important question? You may be wondering how in the world you’ll manage to make a guest list of 200 people smaller than 30. You can definitely count on us.

For simplicity, let’s just say that you’re hosting a tiny wedding with 30 people. As you must, the aforementioned people are expected to be on the list as well.

Between 6 and 22 individuals, including the couple, are involved. When it comes to wedding invitation, you can invite your closest pals even if you’re at the very high end of that range. The majority of couples can do a small wedding with less than 50 guests that include parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and closest friends.

Here are a few things to consider if you are narrowing down the list:

  1. Do you see or speak to this individual often?
  2. How long have you seen, spoken, or texted with each other?
  3. Is there any anger, resentment, or other unpleasant sentiments towards this person?
  4. Is this individual a source of tension?
  5. Does this individual have someone outside of the family pressuring them to come?

This does not have to be someone with whom you have a close connection. If you’re having a bigger celebration next year, you can either ask the excluded people to come to the other one (if that is something you want to do), or you may create a virtual event that can be used by the folks who were removed from the guest list. 

Keep your guests entertained

Although you may not have to “entertain” your visitors, since it’s a smaller event, we should begin by stating that you do not need to amuse them.

We assume that those who are coming are among your closest relatives and friends. No one needs much more than a good discussion, great food, and the time to spend with people you love (this means you and your guests).

Also, if you have excess money in your budget and want to spend on something exciting, here are a few unconventional ideas for a mini wedding:

  • Having a live band or musicians will provide your visitors more enjoyable activities. For your celebration, you might have a string quartet and/or an acoustic guitar/singer duet perform.
  • Some guests may want to go see a magician after dinner.
  • Invite a caricaturist and your guests will have a memento from your wedding to treasure.
  • Firework display -Vast numbers of locations work with firework businesses, which offers a wide range of package options for couples. We have been a part of several weddings when after-reception fireworks were part of the festivities. It is always an enjoyable moment for guests.
  • Consider hiring a bartender, and plan an event for visitors where they can learn how to create some unique drinks.
  • Inviting cigar bar patrons to the wedding is a great crowd-pleaser.

Last Minute Wedding Checklist

  1. Find the best date for yourself.
  2. Evaluate your spending limits.
  3. Determine who is invited to your party.
  4. Find out who is able to make it and make contact with them.
  5. Select your ceremony location and book it.
  6. Decide on the venue for your meal, and book it (if different than the ceremony).
  7. Your wedding webpage will be very interesting.
  8. After everything is over, take some time to appreciate your engagement and realize that all the most important work is completed.
  9. You will want to buy your dress and any other clothing items and schedule any adjustments at the same time.
  10. Decide on the meal’s ingredients and plans for everyone in your group.
  11. Figure up an agenda for the day (a rough timeline and order of events).
  12. Decide on your décor and buy or create everything you will need.
  13. Use your playlist to draw inspiration.
  14. Convey your thoughts via vows
  15. Everything must be double-checked and confirmed.

What is minimony?

What does a minimony entail? It’s just that: a ceremony is a smaller version of a ceremony, where you and your loved ones have a smaller celebration, or where you simply share an expression of commitment with one other. Due to the threat of a coronavirus pandemic, couples have chosen to be married or have a small ceremony in the present rather than postpone their marriages and ceremonies until the threat is gone.

The key difference between this event and others is its scope and importance. A couple’s wedding ceremony that includes a handful of individuals is referred to as a “minimony.” That is, if all involved persons adhere to “social distancing” procedures. You and your loved ones should always be the focus when it comes to the planning and rescheduling of your event. In order to accommodate many couples who have had to delay their weddings, we highly advise couples to consider including a minimal wedding as a way to acknowledge their original wedding date or as a legal requirement.

A minimalmony includes an officiant (in-person or virtual), as well as a small group of close family members and chosen suppliers. The very minimum of your involvement would be taking photos of elements seen at your big wedding, such as handwritten vows, and a first dance on your balcony. This involves doing things like having your pastry chef create a tiny wedding cake, having your florist make modest floral arrangements, or asking your photographer shoot the event from a distance.

What is backyard wedding?

Backyard weddings are all about the members of your immediate family and close friends, who have developed a close bond. At your seated dinner reception, everyone should come together, like a family. King’s tables, which are somewhat narrower than banquet tables, create a more friendly, social tone, as do longer banquet tables.

Taking that wonderful closeness and applying it to your dinner service is another great idea. Instead of having each dish brought out individually, serve the dinner family-style so that guests may pass the plates around and engage as they’re doing so.

One of the great benefits of getting married on your own property is that you already know the limits of your location’s capabilities. Identify your favorite place and make it the main focus of your party.

What is elopement?

image of elopement wedding

Elopement happen when the bride and groom marry in front of their family, but nobody else is present. Elopement is now a more fluid term than it used to be, since the custom of couples being intimately connected has increased over the past five years. In the past, elopements were classified as spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment occurrences, with a certain level of secrecy involved. Nowadays, a touch of romanticism still exists in elopements, but couples go the additional mile to ensure that their special day is unique to them.

Designed Dream is a Toronto-based award-winning wedding planning company that helps couples create beautiful and luxurious destination weddings. Get in touch with us right now to experience the joys of stress-free event planning!

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