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Why You Need A Wedding Planner For A Micro Wedding

Micro-Weddings: When it comes to hiring a planner, does size of the wedding really matter?

Planning a wedding pre-COVID wasn’t necessarily the easiest feat, but add in a pandemic and therein lies a whole new slew of roadblocks. Since bigger weddings are simply impossible these days, the industry has pivoted to accommodate the new rules and regulations and micro-weddings (50 or less guests) are becoming the norm.

Phew! A smaller wedding means smaller wedding stresses, right? Well, not necessarily. It’s difficult to navigate the unknown and dealing with the cancellations and the changing COVID regulations, the stress adds up quickly.

Why You Need A Wedding Planner For A Micro Wedding (2)

There are a lot of benefits of having a wedding planner for micro-wedding. A more intimate night, filled with thoughtful touches and good quality time spent with your favorite people AND the flexibility to allocate your budget for higher priority items (we see you romantic honeymoon). Ah, bliss, where’s the downfall??

Have you inquired with your venue if they accommodate micro-weddings and the necessary protocol for holding a wedding during a pandemic? What are your thoughts on plus ones? Is my bridal party too big for my micro-wedding? I mean, it doesn’t get easier the smaller you go. There are many more things to consider with a micro-wedding and that can be overwhelming. Micro-weddings are just as much work, if not more than any other type of wedding.

Breathe easy, my friends. As with bigger and more traditional weddings, your Designed Dream wedding coordinator will ensure every detail is considered and take away a significant amount of your stress. Wedding planners are pros in dealing with vendors, small and large details, and all of the elements involved to ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

One of the hardest elements of planning a micro-wedding is cutting the guest list. Your goal is to not offend by excluding anyone but the reality is not everyone can attend. Your wedding planner is a fantastic resource to help you narrow down your guest list and provide options to ensure everyone is happy at the end of the day. 

Wedding pros will also take care of the vendor coordination (hot tip, micro-weddings still involve the same amount of vendors as big weddings) and are well-versed in the accommodations for COVID-19 health and safety regulations that must all be included. Venue searching and securing is more difficult than ever.

A wedding planner for a micro wedding can help negotiate and ensure there are protocols or back-ups in place (separate tented kitchen prep areas, portable toilets, etc.) to ensure the night goes smoothly. A wedding planner is familiar with all of these guidelines and will ensure you are practicing the safest rules. 

Let’s talk food. This is one of the biggest changes weddings will see in COVID. Couples need to rethink the entire night, from how they serve the food to whether or not they are able to have dancing at all. There are no passed hors d’oeuvres or family-style meals. Our Designed Dream Team can inform you of the best way to feed your guests, like individual food servings, or suggestions for entertainment, like live performances to keep your guests’ attention and ensure you have a safe yet memorable wedding. 

Bottom line, planning a wedding big or small in the best of times can be a difficult and stress-inducing task. Seeking help from a wedding planner can help make any couple feel at ease and make sure their big day is exactly as they want it. No one is prepared with the best way to navigate a pandemic, but at least our wedding planners are more than capable to ensure your micro-wedding is personalized, special, and perfect, down to the last detail!

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