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what to include a wedding program

What do include in the wedding program?

Through the wedding planning journey, you make research, get a lot of information as possible about the bridal shower, wedding invitations, save-the-dates. Still, there is one more thing you should take into account – the wedding program. If you are wondering what to include in a wedding program, then keep reading.

what to include a wedding program

Writing a wedding program in order can help to create a useful schedule as your big day arrives. As in other wedding planning elements, deciding on what to include in wedding processional order can be a tough task. You can use the following checklist, however, in order to help you to come up with a perfect schedule.

What Should Be In A Wedding Program?

Although creating a wedding program is not a must-have, guests often expect to see one. No matter how detailed or simple the program is, the main goal of the plan is to let your guests know that is coming next during the ceremony since it helps to follow the party.

Another benefit of having a wedding program is that it makes your guests become more dedicated to the service. The latter is particularly true when you include words and readings to songs. The guests will really feel the party by singing and reading along. Besides, many of the guests will also want to save the program as a reminder of your special day.

How To Write A Wedding Program In Order?

Now, if you are still wondering what to include in a wedding program, let’s check the table below. In general, you should put your names, location, date, and time of the wedding on the front page. If you haven’t, you can also list the information on the inside before the order of events. While the planned events in your wedding ceremony may include the following, in fact, it should not be limited to:

  • Greeting
  • Readings
  • Prayers
  • Exchange of vows
  • Ring ceremony
  • Unity candle ceremony
  • Pronouncement of marriage
  • Recessional music

Please note that while your very own list may not include the wedding checklist mentioned above, it may still contain some of the traditional events which are not shown here. You need to make sure to put down the list in order for the events are going to happen while taking into account who is going to perform the readings.

What to Include in Your Wedding Program?

Since all wedding-related things in your ceremony will be a personal choice, you can also decide what you want to see in the program. While some couples want to have a simple program, which only includes essential elements, some others prefer to design a creative series of events.

Still, you should be aware of some basics, which include details about your partner and you, the ceremony, the date and etc.

  • Your Names

Write on the wedding program both of your names, while also leaving a warm note for the guests to welcome and thank them for joining you. The note will be a useful reminder for your distant relatives who may not be so familiar with the fiance or fiancee.

  • Details Of The Wedding Party

You’ll probably want to write the names of all those participating in the ceremony along with your names. Playing a part of your wedding is a huge deal while being mentioned alongside other guests in your wedding program highlights the honor. It will also let guests know who is after the service if they wish to talk to their best man or bridal party.

  • Time, Date and Venue

Your guests will share the ceremony with you, however adding this information to the plan also helps. It ensures that the guests will know the timing of the ceremony and the length of the event.

  • Ceremony Schedule

More notably, the wedding program should include a ceremony timetable. Give the wedding guests the opportunity to share the order of events by following along. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive details but just a running list, so that your guests know what to expect.

  • Readings and Songs

lMost wedding services involve readings by friends and relatives, or hymns and songs that the couple enjoys. When that is the case, suggest putting them on your wedding schedule. It can often be difficult to hear at a service, particularly when there are lots of guests. It will make the guests appreciate the full value of the readings and songs lovingly selected.

  • A Dedication

It’s not unusual to have a dedication or thank you phrases in a wedding program. These could be a loved one who has passed away or a close friend who played a part in the love story of the couple. Including a dedication to this person (or people) in your program is a pleasant way of honoring them.

  • The Love Story

Although some guests keep the program simple and short, some see it as a way to express their love story more. You may describe how you meet, how your relationship developed, and how the proposal occurred. This turns the plan into an individual story and a valuable memento for the family and friends.

  • Directions to Your Reception

When your wedding gathering takes place in an alternate location, the details may be included in your wedding plan. It leads the guests right to where they will be. You can also include a map that shows the directions to your reception.

Wedding Program Size

Generally, wedding programs do not have a set size, however, many couples prefer to have a design that is simple to hold. Your guests should be able to follow the event easily.

Most wedding programs are in scale from 8.5-11 inches and 5.5 inches. For a printable wedding program template, this is actually enough space to contain all the required details.

You can conveniently turn a two-sided card into a booklet if you need additional space for dedications, readings, or reception information. Keep that to no more than a few pages to ensure your visitors remain focused. You should also print a second, more informative keepsake booklet following the ceremony for visitors to enjoy.

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