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Weddings after COVID-19

These unprecedented times have prompted the question for couples and wedding pros alike, what will weddings look like after COVID-19? As restrictions are easing and cities are reopening, the wedding industry will be adapting to a new normal that might include an adjustment of expectations.

Our team is dedicated to assisting and guiding couples getting married before, during and after the pandemic. Below are a few recommendations of how to host your event the safest way possible during COVID:

  • Ceremony:

    • Outdoor ceremonies are optimal for better airflow for guests. If there are only indoor options, think about having fewer guests in larger spaces. A smaller event in the present doesn’t mean you can’t have your full-sized version at a later date. The smaller the wedding, the more personal it can get, like having the time to hear speeches from all.
    • Virtual weddings have become a trend to accommodate quarantine in 2020. Having a live stream of your day can be a fantastic option to include everyone on the guest list or anyone who is not able to join your intimate celebration for any reason.
    • Ensure social distancing measures are accommodated: leave more space between chairs, ensure signage is visible, direct the flow of traffic, etc.
    • Consider gloves as more of a timeless fashion statement (we see you, Audrey Hepburn), as they were traditionally used instead of PPE. Perhaps provide personalized gloves and masks as favours for your guests.


    • As with the ceremony, an outdoor venue is most favourable, but in the case of an indoor option only, ensure your venue has a sanitation policy in place. How are they keeping their staff and guests safe? Make sure to ask as many questions to rest assured the venue and vendors are taking all the precautions necessary. If your venue does not have a sanitation station set up, remember to provide sanitizers, masks and gloves.
    • Opt out of the traditional receiving lines, instead thank your guests for coming during the dinner portion of the night
    • More time and thought will need to be placed on seating arrangements. Try less guests per table (instead of 10 people per table, seat only 5-6) and try to seat your guests according to household or susceptibility.
    • For catering, new rules and etiquette will have to be implemented. We recommend choosing plated meals instead of family-style or serve-yourself options. Cocktail hour may need a new look as well. Ask your caterers about items that are individual bites. Also think about offering serve-yourself drinks that can be disposed after.
    • The biggest challenge in social distancing is to try to avoid a large crowd on the dance floor. A unique spin could include dance competition games, Trinity Bellwoods inspired floor “artwork” that maps out sections of the dancefloor, or even hiring a dance show or a concert for guests to watch will keep guests in their seats longer.

    Now more than ever, the wedding planner pros are here to help. We are making it our duty to educate and guide our couples through this transitional time and advise on best practices. One thing is for certain, being together to celebrate these special moments will be more revered than ever and we can guarantee people will not take a moment for granted.

Designed Dream is an award-winning planning and design team in Toronto, prided in being in the event industry for over 10 years and having successfully planned and coordinated over 300 weddings and events! Quality is always more important than quantity, and for that very reason they never overbook and always ensures that all their clients get the personal touch and attention they deserve.  The Designed Dream’s talented team also speaks several languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hebrew, Russian Spanish and German.

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