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Destination Wedding Planner Ottawa

Designed Dream, An Award-Winning Wedding Planner, Offers Wedding & Event Planning Services

Designed Dream uses precise adaptations, setup, and great attention to detail to provide couples with the most personalized wedding planning and as well as party planning, decor, and coordination services. So, in 2022, contact one of our wedding planners and let them assist you in planning your perfect wedding. Rather than worrying about scheduling, designs, and logistics, you can sit back and relax as the professionals take care of everything.

As one of the best destination wedding planners in the industry over a decade, Designed Dream is a luxury wedding planner, offering professional wedding event planning, day-of wedding coordination in Ottawa. Our team specializes in high-end destination wedding planning as well as design services. With its skilled staff of dedicated event specialists with over 10 years of experience in the wedding and events industry, Designed Dream gives unparalleled service to every couple.

From customized meals for small dinner parties to lavish weddings or luxury vacation weddings; from venue selection to floral design, we manage your event planning better than anybody else!

You can absolutely rely on the services provided by Designed Dream to guarantee the success of your events. We will always go above and beyond for our newlyweds, doing all we can to find solutions to any problems you may have. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions, and we recognize that you and your guests will remember them forever.

Our experienced wedding planners in Ontario, will make sure that every detail of your big day is taken care of, from finding a superb photographer to precisely planning the table arrangements since we know how important the little details are. Let’s keep things as simple as possible on such a significant day and work together to accomplish our objectives.

Full or Partial Destination Wedding Planning

  • Full consultations, emails, and phone calls
  • Wedding budget and schedule planning
  • Event planning and design are included, as well as a professionally organized inspiration board.
  • Locating, negotiating, and coordinating with wedding vendors
  • Vendor contracts are being evaluated (legal advice will not be given; if it is needed, please contact a lawyer)
  • Our wedding planning and price include a full day of coordination.

Stress Free Wedding Planning in Ottawa

One of the advantages to choose Designed Dream is that our specialists aim to reduce the stress that comes with full-service planning. We specialise in creating and executing one-of-a-kind occasion events.

Instead of stressing over every detail and stressing about what may go wrong on your wedding day, we would like you to be able to spend time with your guests and have fun.

Apart from making your luxury weddings and events beautiful, one of our main focuses is eliminating any stress so you can enjoy your guests and have fun at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Couples that want wedding planning help may select between partial planning and design and full service.

Month of Coordination

Every couple should consider wedding day coordination as a vital component of their wedding.

Coordination might be the difference between a lackluster event and one that is remembered for years to come!

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and we want it to go off without a hitch. Our skilled event planners have the creativity, knowledge, and experience you need.

From venue site inspections to arranging every detail of your ceremony and reception with our helpful checklist, we successfully manage your time so you can stay ahead of the game and focus on your event objectives. Remember, we’ll be there for you every step of the way to make sure everything goes well on your big day.

Events Design

We’re here to make sure everything goes well during your wedding! Our event planners will work with you to prepare every detail of the event, from the venue’s entrance to crafting complex arrangements that are personal to you and your guests.

We’ll guide you through the whole full-service planning and budgeting process, making sure you understand everything before you sign. And, if there are any bumps in the road (we all know weddings have a lot of them! ), our knowledgeable team can provide extensive consultation services to ensure that everything goes well.

We take the time to get to know you and your objectives. We emphasise a customised approach, which allows us to give each customer with a one-of-a-kind experience. This customised attention results in warm, connected, and joyous gatherings that don’t sacrifice flare or tradition!

Save Money And Time

We help couples plan fantastic events while keeping within their budget, saving them money and time. In addition, we keep up with all of the latest trends and have a thorough grasp of what works to guarantee that your wedding day goes well.

Some couples believe that hiring a professional wedding event planner requires lots of money, so they stick to the old methods. However, if you want your big day to go well, you’ll need to put in some time and preparation, which is why we’ve developed our reasonable price for those who need help!

You will be able to enjoy your special day even more than you could have anticipated with our help. Not only do we offer affordable and dependable services, but hiring us to handle all of the time-consuming chores on your wedding day enables you to spend more time with your guests!

Our team of experts will work with you to plan the wedding of your dreams. We specialise in creating a unique experience that no other business can match in the wedding industry.

We ensure that every detail is perfect for the lovely bride who has always imagined her perfect wedding. Our event design team is there for our couples on their most unforgettable days, as they see their dreams happen before exchanging vows with their beloved.

Talk to us today and start to enjoy planning your Dream Wedding!

It’s your big day, so make the most of it! Let us to help you with all of the arrangements so that your wedding is all you dreamed it would be. We’ll handle the details and keep a tight eye on things to ensure that everything goes well – after all, no one wants their big day ruined by accidents!

We are your one-stop shop for all you need to prepare the perfect day as wedding planners in Ottawa. Our team of experts will handle everything from venue selection to cuisine and everything in between (even cake!) so you can calm down and enjoy every moment with your family and friends.

Our talented event planners are passionate about what they do. Anyone who comes into contact with us can know we have these characteristics because they can see the joy in our eyes as we talk about all the incredible things that happen here every day!

We understand what it takes to ensure that every aspect of your big day goes well, from how you look as you walk down the aisle to who meets with us at each point, after many years in the wedding industry. At each point along your path to happily ever afters, our team of specialists is there to lend an ear and provide guidance; let them guide you through our efficient service at any time!

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