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Wedding Planning Checklist – Step by Step Schedule Template

How To Start Planning A Wedding Checklist?

The planning of a wedding can feel daunting with too many duties and specifics to arrange. However, if you have enough time, you can sort out all the tasks with the help of the wedding checklist.

Below you can find a printable wedding schedule template, which you can easily use as a checklist for a wedding planning timeline. All the information given in the list includes a step-by-step to-do list that helps you to make careful research of vendors, terms and conditions, and as well as venues.

With a marriage program at hand, all the activities and research are sorted month by month, which makes the process more fun and less frustrating.

You are dividing the marriage planning process into bite-size bits and it is far less daunting if you break down month by month.

The wedding timetable in 2020 is not tender. Perhaps you had organized the thing previously, or you were part of the preparations and had to pause and leave it, or you had just engaged and remembered immediately that this would be a little different than what you might have expected.

Let’s stand back and look at the entire picture before we get into a big checklist. This flowchart has been designed—to help you find out how the wedding planning process actually works. 

Checklist For Wedding Planning Timeline


Wedding Checklist 101 - Printable Wedding Planning Checklist PDF


14 to 12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Gather some creativity and inspiration

Check the social media, and some bridal magazines, and scroll through well-known fashion sites and bridal magazines to get some inspiration. You may always come up with a new design idea: so take a look around at your room or home, and of course closet.  

  • Determine your budget accordingly

Decide the amount you want to spare for your wedding and reception, depending on your own budget and the support from your relatives.

People might start asking who’s in it as soon as you’re engaged.

  • Make the list of your visitors

Create a spreadsheet template that can be used in the preparation process, with contact information columns, emails, RSVPs, presents, and all other related information. (Are you planning a budget party? It might be tough, but the easiest way to cut expenses is to eliminate the guest list.)

  • If possible, employ a planner

A good wedding planner will always have a partnership with top suppliers.

  • Reserve your venue and lock the date of your wedding

Start deciding whether to have separate ceremonial and reception venues, taking into account travel time between two locations.

Bear in mind that the best event professionals prefer to book the venue for more than a year in advance.

9  Months Before the Wedding

  • Book all the rest of the entertainment

Attend concerts with prospective artists to see if they perform in front of crowds, and reserve your chosen one.

  • Determine the menu for your drinks or dinner

If your wedding venue doesn’t have its own catering company, look for one right now and contract the provider this month or early next.

  • Find a suit, a suit, a jumpsuit, or a wedding outfit of your preference

You’re likely to need to arrange a time for at least 3 fittings. Veil shopping may be delayed for the next 2 to 3 months.

  • Book a block of hotel rooms for visitors outside the city

Choose three hotels at various price points near the reception center.

  • Registration for gifts

Sign up to a minimum of three stores across a variety of expenses.

  • Build a website for a wedding

Build a profile website with the date of your wedding, travel dates, lodging, and registration details.

6  Months Before the Wedding

  • Pick and order your invitations

If needed, employ a calligrapher. Addressing your cards is time-consuming, but you ought to budget properly.

  • Start preparing for your honeymoon

Making sure your passports are up to date and arrange medical appointments for any vaccinations you will require.

  • Look for the bridesmaid’s dresses

Enable the dresses to be shipped and sized for at least 6 months.

  • Meet the officiant

Label the ceremony and ensure that you get all the official wedding papers (depending on the county and religious belief).

  • Send the save-dates
  • Arrange structural and electrical specifications

Book mobile outdoor restrooms, extra seats if you need them, lighting parts, and so on.

  • Arrange the transportation

Think limos, private cars, trolleys, and commuter taxis.

  • Create a timeline day

Prepare the event schedule and the slot for each part (the cake-cutting, the first dance). If you’re a planner, he/she will help you with all of this.

5  Months Before the Wedding

Negotiate the rate and the menu, please. If you’re going to hold a brunch day for the guests, book the spot as well.

Ask the stationer and calligrapher for copies of the completed invitations and modify them to match your requirements.

  • Taste the wedding cake and order it

Any on-demand bakers need a longer lead time. Take part in several tastings before you agree to just one dessert pro.

  • Buy wedding shoes and start outfitting

Bring your shoes along to the first fit so that the tailor will select the best length for your look.

  • Schedule hair and make-up designers

Create a couple of visits with area professionals to check them out. Snap a snapshot of both of them so you can compare the results.

3  Months Before the Wedding

  • Complete the menu and the flowers

You’ll want to wait before you see what’s going to be available because food and flowers are influenced by the season.

  • Order the favors, if that’s your concern

Any crowd-pleasing ideas: a monogram of cookies or a treat that reflects your town or country. If you’re going to have the welcoming baskets for out-of-town visitors, schedule them now too.

  • Create a list of those who are giving toasts

What kind of loved ones would you like to see at the reception? Tell them right now.

  • Finalize the readings

Determine what you’d like to learn at the wedding how you’d like to read.

  • Purchase your socks

Then you plan the second fitting.

  • Complete the order for the ceremony and the reception.
  • Print menu cards and programs

You don’t need to go to a specialist printer if this isn’t part of your budget: you can comfortably make it at home.

  • Consider purchasing the rings

This is going to give you time for resizing and engraving.

2  Months Before the Wedding

  • Contact the base again for all the pros recruited

Be sure that all wedding questions you or they asked about your first script have been addressed.

  • Meet the photographer

Discuss individual shots, then stroll around the locations to see the areas that matter to you.

  • Check out the playlist with the band or the DJ

Although you’re obviously not going to be able to dictate any single song played, you should be ready for a wish list.

  • Send out the invites

The general rule: e-mail invites six to eight weeks well before the ceremony, setting the RSVP cut-off at 3 weeks just after the postmark date.

A Month Before the Wedding

  • Enter the RSVPs in your trustworthy guest list spreadsheet

Ask people who haven’t replied yet.

  • Get a marriage license

The procedure will take four to 6 days, so it’s a smart idea to allow yourself some flexibility. If you change your name, order a few copies.

  • Mail the invites to the rehearsal-dinner
  • Visit the tailor for the final fitting of your dress

For reassurance, you might want to prepare your wedding week for fitting. You should still cancel your appointment if you try a dress and it suits you well.

  • Give as many final payments to the pros as you can
  • Classify the seats

Draw the outlines of the table on the design of the area to help you visualize the settings. Put the names of the lady friends on the pink sticky notes and the details of the male guests on the blue sticky notes so that you can switch guests about without rewriting the whole environment.

Wedding Week

  • Confirm the time of arrival with the vendors
  • Assign small activities for the wedding day

 Choose someone who will bustle your clothing, someone who will bring your things, somebody who will be in control of presents (particularly the enveloped kind), someone who will provide tips, and someone who will be the point person for each vendor.

  • Give a timeline to the wedding guests

Have contact details for each participant, along with the point that the people you requested to communicate with the vendors should issue occur.

  • Pick up a dress or a suit
  • Or make plans for distribution of the items
  • Check with the photographer one more time

Provide them with a list of the occasions you want to be filmed.

  • Set aside the vendors’ checks

And put the tips in the envelopes for the case to be handed out.

  • Give the final list of guests to the caterer and all the venues that hold the wedding-related activities
  • Assemble and deliver your welcoming baskets.
  • Get prepared for the honeymoon.

Download Your Printable Wedding Planning Checklist Pdf

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