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Looking to see a little more in Toronto? Scarborough is a neighborhood of Toronto, Canada surrounded by Lake Ontario, Victoria Park Avenue, Steeles Avenue East, and the City of Pickering. Although Scarborough does not get nearly as much coverage as other Toronto neighborhoods, it surely shouldn’t be forgotten.

If you’re visiting Toronto and wondering about the city, or a visitor who hasn’t spent much time there, here are a few of the greatest things to do in Scarborough brought you by Designed Dream – Wedding Planner Toronto.

Places To Visit In Scarborough Toronto

Scarborough Museum

Go back in time for a trip to Scarborough Museum at the very beginning of Scarborough. The museum highlights Scarborough’s past and its development since it was established and its early settlements, as well as its rise and subsequent transformation into a major suburb of Toronto in the 20th century, along the stunning Thomson Memorial Park. The Museum site is located in David and Mary Thomson, who lived first in Scarborough in the late 1790s and its lovely gardens (worth a look in their own right).

National Urban Park

Scarborough is home to the natural scenery, which creates an ideal break from the city – without really having to leave the city. Rouge National Urban Park is open all year round, mass transportation available, and North America’s largest urban area. Once you’re here, based upon your preferences there is a vast range of things to see and do.

There is a lovely beach (referred to below) and many walkways perfect for walkers of all ages. If you like birds, the Rouge National Park is an excellent place to watch birds with 225 bird species in the city. If you are trying to catch one or two bites, you may also want to find the mouths of the Red River and the nearby marsh forest. And for anyone who likes camping, this is the only place to sleep under the stars of the area, so it is an excellent choice if you can’t pitch your tent (or don’t have time to) anymore.

Kidstown Water Park

In addition to hitting the beaches in the city, it is worth visiting Kidstown Water Park if you are looking for the next water-based experience in Scarborough for the entire family. This is Toronto’s first water park with a wide variety of water characteristics including an inclination bucket, spray circles, squirting water birds, a slide, a pool wading, a sprinkler pad, and many other features. For anyone who wants to visit a while afternoon, there are also picnic areas here. From the middle of June to Labor Sunday weekend Kidstown is open to visitors.

Scarborough Buffs

One of Toronto’s most scenic locations in the magnificent Scarborough Bluffs. The Bluffs are an important geological structure along the shore from Lake Ontario that extends about 15 kilometers and are a result of sediments that accumulated from Lake Ontario over 12,000 years ago. You see bluffs on the 15 km length of Lake Ontario from one of the 11 parks.

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

Toronto Pan Am is an outstanding sports complex co-owned by the City of Toronto and the University of Toronto, constructed for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.

You can use the aquatic amenities during holiday time without cost, but the TPASC (ideally appropriate for local residents and tourists to the area) can only use a variety of other services such as a climbing wall, a fitness center, a running track, and various drop-in courses.

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is a hub of culture, art, and breathtaking sights. From the soaring CN Tower to the vibrant neighborhoods like Kensington Market, there’s no shortage of places to explore. If the city’s charm captures your heart and you find yourself considering it for a more significant life event, don’t hesitate to reach out to Designed Dream, the leading destination wedding planner in Toronto. Alongside exploring the city’s many attractions, you might just discover the perfect venue for your dream wedding.

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