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how do i make my courthouse wedding special

How Do I Make My Courthouse Wedding Special?

Wedding days are supposed to be one of the best days of your life. However, how do you make a courthouse wedding special? In this blog post Desinged Dream team, micro wedding specialist in Toronto, is going to teach you how to plan a courthouse wedding and how you can make it as special as any other ceremony.

How To Plan A Courthouse Wedding?

A courthouse wedding is not what you may think it is. A courthouse has a lot of rules, and if you don’t follow them, then your day won’t be as special as we want. Here are some key things to know about planning a courthouse wedding:

When can I plan my ceremony?

  • Check with the county clerk to find out when they are allowing ceremonies.

Who can perform my ceremony?

  • If you want a religious clergy member or someone else to be part of your wedding, then make sure that there is enough time for them to come in and get set up before the courthouse closes. You don’t want any bumps the day of your big day.

How do we set up?

  • A courthouse is usually very limited on space, so you’re going to have to find a good spot where everyone can fit easily and also see what the venue has available for seating (chairs or benches).

What about witnesses?

  • You’ll need at least two witnesses other than yourselves. Make sure you get their contact information or have a way to track them down in case they’re not there at the time of your ceremony.

What about rings?

  • This is going to be up to you and it’s really simple: if either of you are wearing rings, then remove them before the ceremony begins. This will avoid any confusion and it will also keep your courthouse wedding special.

Can we take pictures?

  • Yes, you can! A lot of courthouses have a specific photographer that they recommend or work with, so call ahead and make sure that their services are onsite at the time of your ceremony. This is one way to make it as special as any other wedding ceremony.

Is there anything else I should know? 

  • Yes, just have fun! If you’re nervous or stressed out about getting married at a courthouse, then plan ahead and make sure that everything is set up for the best day possible. You don’t want to get caught off guard since it’s your special day.

How to make courthouse wedding special?

A courthouse wedding is a great way to get married if you want something simple and don’t have enough money for an elaborate ceremony. However, even though the experience can be simplified, that doesn’t mean your day has to lack any of the special details or traditions many other couples are able include on their big day! Here’s how to plan a courthouse wedding and make it special:

First, consider hosting the ceremony in a space that means something to you as a couple. If you love hanging out at your local park or have always dreamed of getting married on the beach, now is your chance! Find an outdoor spot where you can say “I do” surrounded by nature and then celebrate your love with a picnic.

If you are having trouble thinking of something meaningful, just pick the courthouse where you first met or fell in love! Since so many couples get married soon after they meet these days, it’s likely that this building is full of special memories for both of you. When people ask about your wedding date and location, tell them you’re celebrating on the spot where your love story began.

You can also create a more traditional and meaningful setting by having someone like an officiant or family member marry you in the courthouse before hosting another celebration with friends and loved ones at a later date. This is perfect for couples who are already married, but want to have a full wedding ceremony and celebration with all of their family members. It’s also a good idea for couples that are having big religious or cultural weddings but want to have something more casual in the United States (or wherever you live).

Finally, don’t forget about the symbolic details! You can wear your favorite outfit—something borrowed, blue or old—have a first look, write your own vows and even plan to serve wedding cake at the reception. The sky is the limit!

What To Expect In A Courthouse Wedding?

A courthouse wedding is generally a quick, simple ceremony. Many couples choose this option when they want to get married quickly or if one of them cannot be away from work for several days. Courthouse weddings are also ideal for people who simply do not like the idea of having an elaborate party with family and friends around. Courtship weddings can be simple, but they should not be devoid of sentiment.

If you want your courthouse wedding to have a personal touch and be memorable for both you and the guests in attendance, here are some tips on how to make it special:

Give every guest an invitation that includes detailed information about where to meet up before going into the court house. If you can afford it, consider giving each guest a little something to commemorate the day.

Have your witnesses ready well in advance of the scheduled time so that there are no delays upon arrival at the court house. If possible, have them wear something similar so they look like family members or close friends.

Speak with the court house officials so they know what to expect when you get there. You may have a special song or other surprise for your spouse-to-be, but it is best to coordinate with the court personnel beforehand so that everything runs smoothly and according to your wedding planning.

Prepare an aisle runner if you are going to be married at the front of the courthouse.

If you are going to have a religious ceremony, make sure the clergy is available on time and wear something that will give him or her an idea of what type of wedding it will be so he can prepare accordingly.

Reception Ideas For Courthouse Wedding

Here are some reception ideas for your courthouse wedding:

– Cut a cake and serve it to your guests. Don’t forget the candle!

– Do not have any formal reception or party after your wedding ceremony, but instead go out to dinner with close family members and friends. Have everyone meet at a restaurant for an early dinner before you head over to the courthouse. This way you can celebrate your marriage with your friends and family.

– Go somewhere nice for an early dinner after the ceremony before you head over to the courthouse. If you want, do a small photoshoot! You can go out in town or take pictures around where you live. 

– Have someone else make food for you so that it will be ready once you have arrived at the restaurant. You can also do potluck!

– Rent a trolley to drive you and your family around town so that they can take pictures of you in different locations while wearing your wedding attire. 

– While you are out to dinner with family and friends, take some time in the middle of your meal to thank everyone for coming. This is a great way to end the night!

– If you want, buy disposable cameras so that after you have said goodbye to everyone at the restaurant before heading over to get married, each person can head back home and take pictures of their own. Then, mail the cameras back to everyone who has a copy of your wedding or night’s activities!

– If you have any children on either side, bring them along for the ride as well so that they can celebrate with you and see what is going on while in town! This may be especially good if there are any toddlers in the family.

– You can also do a destination wedding at your favorite travel spot! Just make sure that you have someone there to marry you and take care of everything for you if it’s not a place where they would otherwise let people get married onsite. 

– Don’t forget about budgeting – don’t spend money on things you don’t need. If there is some kind of celebration or party that everyone wants to do, ask if they can contribute money towards it instead so that your budget stays in tact!

Remember the cost of a wedding doesn’t just stop at food and decorations – think about other costs like transportation as well! Make sure that you know what you want, and then find out how to make it happen!

What To Do After A Courthouse Wedding   

After the ceremony, you might want to go to a nearby restaurant or coffee shop for a small reception. Or you may decide not to have one at all. That’s okay too! Some people only see their friends and family once in their lives, so they don’t feel like it is necessary for them to be together again after that first meeting.

However, if you do want to have a reception, there are many places where it can be held and still feel special for your wedding day. Some options include:

– A restaurant with an event room or outdoor space that might allow you to reserve the whole place just for yourself on the night of your marriage ceremony;

– A local or specialty shop that may allow you to reserve a room for the evening. Examples include ice cream shops, cafes, and bakeries;

– A historic site in your city such as an old home, museum or community center where someone might be able to help you rent out a space for your wedding day reception; and/or

– A park or national landmark with a visitor’s center where you may be able to reserve the whole place for an evening and have your reception there.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding, look no further than Designed Dream. With a wide variety of options to choose from and experienced planners on hand that will help your vision come true in just one month or less – this company has it all!

For any size event at affordable prices, contact us today so we can help make sure everything goes according to plan. From intimate gatherings with only thirty guests up through large-scale destination weddings where thousands are expected—our team knows how important every small detail is when planning such an occasion which accounts not only for their creativity but also attention is given throughout each step taken along the way so nothing falls through.

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