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how to hire a wedding photographer

How to hire a wedding photographer? [choosing packages]

After you’ve secured your location and the date of your wedding, one of the next things you should think about is hiring a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers can be hired up to 1-2 years in advance, so if you find someone you want to capture your special day, contact them as soon as possible. In the following blog post we will see how to hire a wedding photographer, how to choose wedding photography packages and how long to hire him/her.

So, how to hire a wedding photographer?

When it comes to locating a wedding photographer, there are a number of websites that allow you to search top wedding photographers in Canada; also, when you identify your venue, you may be able to find photographers who have shot there previously. Our venues’ photos are acknowledged to the photographers who took them, so you can simply identify and visit the websites of photographers who have worked at your location.

Things to ask when looking to book a wedding photographer:

Ask about their background:

Check out if your possible shooter studied photography in school and if they have a technical degree. Look for someone with at least five years of experience in the sector. Or, you can end up with someone who decided to become a wedding photographer after picking up a digital camera.

Check out the photographer's website

Online portfolios of photographers can be deceptive. Many will offer photos from a phoney wedding session, which don’t illustrate how he or she performs in real-life situations with time and lighting constraints. Request to see photographs from at least 10 real-life occurrences shot during the day.

See the right print

When making a deal, make certain that you will be the sole owner of the personal-use rights to your wedding photographs immediately following the ceremony. You must have the rights to your images because if you don’t have the rights, you could be in for a major back-end sales push when photos that you thought are included in the one price end up costing a lot more since you ‘ll have to purchase everything separately.

Watch your budget

Rather than hiring a less talented photographer to cover your wedding, rehearsal, and next-day brunch, hire the best individual you can afford to shoot simply your wedding. You can also cut off CDs and wall prints—people are frequently misled into investing more than they would have otherwise when they are sold a package.

While we know many excellent filmmakers who are well worth their money, we’ve seen couples split their budget between a photographer and a videographer and have average outcomes from both. If I had to choose, I’d go with photography because it is more timeless.

Decide on the style

There are many different types of photography available nowadays. From light and airy to classic and timeless to dramatic, dark, and melancholy, there’s something for everyone. Before you begin your search, consider which style you are immediately drawn to.

Create a Pinterest board and collect the photographs you like the best. Take a look at Instagram or Facebook to get some ideas. Then consider what it is about those photos that appeals to you. Consider not only the colours, but also how those images make you feel emotionally and artistically.

Do you prefer formal posed images with a classic and timeless aesthetic, or do you prefer candid ‘in the moment’ photos? It’s very acceptable if you can’t choose just one style. For example, to be able to depict the wedding storey as a complete, we employ a combination of posed portraits and photo documentary-style photography throughout the day.

Check their availability

You should contact your prospective wedding photographer as soon as possible. Many photographers are scheduled up to two years in advance, and it is always upsetting if the photographer of your dreams is unable to attend your wedding. Of course, hiring a wedding photographer is much easier when your wedding date is still open.

Take a look at their wedding gallery

The images on a photographer’s website, blog, or social media account are most usually examples of their greatest work. Those are often images taken in a beautiful setting with ideal lighting conditions. A wedding, on the other hand, frequently incorporates several changes in location and lighting.

From getting ready photos in a hotel room to ceremony photos in brilliant sunshine to dance photos long after the sun has set, we have it all. A wedding photographer should be able to work in a variety of lighting circumstances, and if the whole wedding portfolio appears coherent, you’re on the right route.

Ask about logistics

This is perhaps the least interesting aspect of selecting a photographer, but it is far from insignificant. Inquire about the money before signing the photographic deal. To keep your date exclusively for you, most wedding photographers charge a non-refundable fee. Inquire whether you may pay in instalments and when the final payment is due.

Check if you need wedding photographer or videographer

A wedding photographer is a photographer who captures your special day via photographs, whereas a videographer will record your special day through video, making and editing a short movie and tale of your special day.

You’ll almost always have a wedding photographer, and you could also have a filmmaker. Some photographers may provide this service as well, or may be able to recommend a videographer with whom they have already worked.

Many wedding photographers are willing to travel, so you aren’t restricted to photographers that reside near you or your venue. If you’re being married somewhere else, many photographers would gladly jump on a plane and fly there to document your special day.

The advantage of selecting a photographer that has already worked at your venue is that you may view whole weddings documented by that photographer at your venue, as well as the various shots and locations they have photographed.

Your photographer will be familiar with the venue, the layout, and the ideal locations for those intimate images of just the two of you as newlyweds, as well as where to catch the greatest shots for any group photos or as you enter for your reception.

It’s also beneficial to view whole weddings photographed by a photographer in your location so you can get a sense of their style, the types of shots they’ll take, and the backgrounds they employ.

Find a photographer who travels frequently

If you’re looking for a destination photographer eager to travel, be sure they like it and do it often. Take a look at their Instagram or blog. If they’ve travelled before, they’ll be able to think on their feet and come up with solutions for you when things go wrong, which they will while travelling.

If they’ve photographed there before, that’s fantastic since they’ll provide valuable information. If you truly like their work and you like them as a person, just make sure they’ve been to a comparable place before so you know they’re familiar with the logistics and possible issues.

Check the social media

So, where do you start looking for a destination wedding photographer? Start by searching for #destinationweddingphotographer on Instagram or searching for destination wedding photography on Pinterest to discover which wedding photography designs appeal to you. After that, compile your list and visit their webpages. Look through their prior wedding pictures, discover a little about the photographers, schedule calls or in-person meetings, and see who you connect with the most.

See that they aren't looking for a free trip

It’s important to ensure that your destination wedding photographer has travel expertise, but be wary of photographers that use destination weddings purely for a free vacation. Many photographers are attempting to establish a name for themselves in destination wedding photography, while others are just looking for a fun vacation or to add to their portfolio. Find someone who is primarily concerned with your wedding. You want to marry at this lovely location, but at the end of the day, you’re going to marry. That is why you have arrived!

How to choose a wedding photography package?

Pick a good package with a shorter time coverage, such as 5 or 6 hours, if you want to save money. When working with a skilled wedding photographer, 5 or 6 hours may still include candid shots of the bride and groom getting ready, formal portraits, the whole ceremony, and the start of the reception.

With this size package, smart planning, such as having your guests begin dinner instead of a cocktail hour, is crucial to optimising your time. Couples should plan on at least 5 hours of coverage. Another option to save money is to choose a plan that includes a print release, since ordering prints via a professional will always be more expensive than purchasing them yourself!

What to tell your wedding photographer?

Let them know the day's order

A day and location schedule allows the photographer to arrange their day, ensuring that they are in the appropriate place at the right time, such as at the church, ready to capture you getting out of the car. Your photographer must be one step ahead of the game in order to be at the right place at the right time to take the perfect shot.

Inform about availability of parking

If there is restricted parking or parking limitations, inform your wedding photographer and, if feasible, book a spot for them so they don’t have to worry. This will allow them to spend more time photographing rather than attempting to find a parking spot.

Choose family photos

If you want any family or group shots, let the photographer know. Determine which photos are most essential to you and make sure you have enough time to get them taken. The more guests you have and the more images you want, the longer it will take, so plan beforehand.

You can assist your photographer by having the groomsmen assist in bringing the appropriate folks over for the required shots. By informing your photographer, they may identify a suitable location and backdrop for these shots ahead of time, saving time and making things smoother on the day.

Photos and specific locations

Based on where you’re being married, you might like specific images taken in specific spots, such as a peaceful bench with a gorgeous backdrop or a small bridge across a brook. Let your photographer know ahead of time so they can check it out and schedule time for these photos.

Enjoy your day and relax

You don’t need to tell your wedding photographer anything on your wedding day; just enjoy it! Relax; all of your planning and preparation has led up to this point; enjoy every moment of it; let your photographer do their thing; the more relaxed you are, the happier you will feel and the more pleasure you will have; all of this will result in better, more natural photographs.

Final words:

If your photographer needs to know anything, they will ask before the big day, so don’t be concerned. The key is to appreciate them and let them do their job while you slow down and enjoy this incredible day.

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