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How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding

How long does it take to plan a wedding on average?

While it takes almost no time for some people to organize their weddings, the average time that wedding planning usually takes a minimum of one year. In fact, finding the ideal venue and as well as vendors most of the time depends on how early you start the process. Now, if you want to find out how long does it take to plan a wedding, then keep reading the comprehensive article below, in which you will get to know what steps you need to take to organize a perfect wedding. Now lets see the average time to plan a wedding:

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding

Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist

When to start wedding planning?

A year in advance is sufficient time to arrange a normal, local wedding, according to our team of wedding planners. Couples have plenty of time to book a venue, employ vendors, locate a wedding dress, and more during this time period.

12 Months Before The Wedding

Guest List 

Creating the guest list is one of the first phases of the wedding planning process. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to decide the size of the venue you would use in the near future. The number of your visitors will also have a major effect on evaluating different categories of budget. Often, reducing the number of guests is the best way to cut costs.

The Budget

Although you can not know precisely how much you plan on investing in each category, the initial step in wedding planning is to decide the total budget for the event. The main questions are how much you can really afford to spend on the wedding, and from where the money comes. It’s also important to find out whether you pay for it all yourself or whether family members can help you save some money.

The Date and Time

You have to decide when you plan to get married before you can finish all other details and get vendors booked. For couples, who are comfortable within a range of dates, scheduling the venue is simpler.

The Venues

One of the answers when people ask how long does it take to plan a wedding depends on how early you book the venue. When you have settled on the overall budget and the guest list, the next step in wedding planning is to pick the locations.  Once you decide on the budget and the guest list, the next step in wedding planning is to choose your venues.

Many people book venues almost more than a year in advance, which, therefore, you shouldn’t make a last-minute decision. You can search for a comfortable and inexpensive venue which won’t require too much decoration on your date.

The Overall Look

Through choosing colors and a design you can actually determine how you want the wedding to look. It will make other choices to become simpler in the preparation process, such as the venue and the decorations. You can also get inspired by checking through wedding magazines and online sources.

The Wedding Planner

You can book a full-service wedding planner in Toronto right now. A wedding planner will help you with all other decisions in the planning process while ensuring that there are no important details missed.

The Wedding Party

Choose the wedding party members and ask them if they want to participate in this capacity. This means that wedding party members are given enough time to prepare accordingly, thus making it easier for them to support you.

Speak to them about any plans you have for them during the wedding preparations, so they can know what they are getting into if they agree. For destination weddings, this is particularly important.

Destination Wedding

It is generally advised to book the venue 12 to 16 months prior to the destination weddings. Please keep in mind that based on the venue the requirements will differ. In addition, popular wedding spots are usually booked out even 18 months in advance.

The same is also true for small weddings. Usually, it takes between 13 to 18 months for an average couple to plan their wedding, whereas depending on your choice of vendors, this timeframe may also differ.

Wedding Insurance 

You may want to get wedding insurance, which can protect you from trouble when things go wrong and you can’t have your wedding as planned. Having insurance is particularly essential if you are planning a destination wedding.

What to do 8 months before wedding?

The Engagement Party

Couples wishing to have an engagement party can organize it about 8 months before the wedding. Make sure that you only invite people who you are also going to invite to your wedding.

Hotel Stay For Your Guests

For guests visiting out-of-town, you may want to reserve blocks of hotel rooms. By doing this, you will not only have plenty of room for your guests, but you can also get a discount.

Look into reserving blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. This way, there will be plenty of room for them to stay and they may even get a discount. One of your options would be booking rooms at a budget hotel, so the guests would have choices based on their budget.

Wedding Outfit

Look for the right wedding outfit, since you may need plenty of time to make the appropriate adjustments to find the ideal accessories to accompany it. You can buy a sample from a bridal store to save time, but this can limit your choices.


Do you want to have a band, musician or a DJ? Decide on your choice and make sure they include your must-have songs in the playlist while providing the music you wish.

The Flowers

Sometimes florists may need some time in advance, in order to deliver the specific choice of flowers you want. So, talking to your florist at first is actually a good idea, to get to know the kinds of flowers you will need. Flower selection is an area where you can cut some costs by checking with the other vendors to see how much budget they spare for flowers.

The Photographer and Videographer

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right professional photographer, since they will provide you with videos and photos that you will look back on your wedding day. It is important to carry on good research while spending as much as you can whenever possible.  

6 to 8 Months Before the Wedding

Wedding Invitations

Make your decision on wedding invitations. While you can also take wedding programs in the account, it is a good idea to wait until the wedding timeline is set.

Get The Engagement Photo Shoot

Some couples prefer to have a photoshoot session for the engagement, which is a good choice. Because this will let you get familiar with the photographer and help you decide whether you made a right choice for the wedding.  

Decide On The Wedding Cake

Look for a wedding cake designer. You can also have testing to decide which style and flavors you would like to have.

Organize Transportation

You may want to arrange transportation for all the wedding guests from the wedding venue to the reception site, based on the parking situation at the venues.

Arrange Rentals

You can now start planning whether you will need to rent a tent for an outdoor wedding, tables, seats, linens, portable toilets, decorations, or some other wedding things.

4 to 6 Months Before the Wedding

Send Invitations

If you haven’t sent the invitations before, do it now. People should respond for a period of 6 weeks. You’ll still need a minimum of two weeks before the wedding to send the caterer and location the final headcount.

Wedding Party Gifts

Consider something helpful that will please the wedding party. For example, this might be jewelry to wear of the bridesmaids’ wedding.

2 to 4 Months Before the Wedding

Marriage Certificate

In the city where you are getting married, register for your marriage license. Don’t overlook this important part of wedding planning.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

Hair Appointment

It will be the last opportunity prior to the wedding when the bride gets a haircut or color. This will also leave some time to correct any future mistakes.

Complete Photography Essentials

Give a list of must-have photos to the photographer about who to include in the posing images and where to take those pictures.

1 Week Before the Wedding

Appoint Someone For Delivery

If you don’t have a wedding planner or day organizer so far, appoint someone for the vendors and the guests to be the contact person.

Don’t Forget Wedding Essentials

Be sure the necessary things, including rings and marriage certificates, are set out and ready for the big day.

Vendor Payments and Tips

Decide on the reasonable amounts and arrange them in envelopes that are properly labeled. Assign someone at the wedding party to deliver them at the end. Check our wedding officiant services in Toronto.

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