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Destination Wedding Locations

Your dream wedding deserves an equally dreamy location. With Designed Dream, explore stunning locales such as the Dominican Republic, an island of captivating tropical beauty; Puerto Vallarta, where vibrant culture meets sun-soaked beaches; Cabo San Lucas, known for its picturesque landscapes and luxurious amenities. Dive into the mesmerizing blues of the Caribbean, a region brimming with exotic allure and serene islands. Or perhaps you’d prefer the vibrant charm of Playa Del Carmen or the mystic allure of Riviera Maya, two of Mexico’s top-rated destinations where vibrant culture, pristine beaches, and beautiful resorts merge to create a perfect backdrop for your special day.

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    Dominican Republic: A Tropical Island Wedding Paradise

    The Dominican Republic, with its powdery sands, swaying palm trees, and cerulean waters, offers a true tropical paradise for those seeking a destination wedding. The stunning island is renowned for its hospitable people, vibrant culture, and incredible landscape, making it an ideal place to tie the knot.

    Uniqueness of Dominican Weddings

    Dominican weddings blend tradition, elegance, and fun in a way that is truly unique. The island’s rich culture and the locals’ penchant for vibrant celebrations create a warm and joyous atmosphere that is infectious. You and your guests will be treated to the island’s unique music and dance traditions, such as Merengue and Bachata, which are often incorporated into the wedding festivities. Also, the island’s stunning backdrop allows for unique wedding themes – whether it’s a barefoot beach wedding, a rustic countryside ceremony, or a lavish affair in a historic cathedral or luxurious resort.

    Puerto Vallarta: Where Culture and Beaches Blend for a Perfect Wedding

    Puerto Vallarta, nestled between the lush Sierra Madre mountains and the sparkling Pacific Ocean, creates a picture-perfect backdrop for a dreamy destination wedding. Combining the rich Mexican culture, stunning beaches, and vibrant city life, this location offers an exotic blend for couples seeking a unique wedding experience.

    Why Choose Puerto Vallarta for your Wedding?

    Choosing Puerto Vallarta for your wedding means embracing a lively blend of culture, natural beauty, and romantic ambiance. The city offers a rich tapestry of cobblestone streets, white-washed houses, and historic churches, providing an old-world charm that makes for stunning wedding photos. Meanwhile, the sun-drenched beaches and breath-taking sunsets over the Bay of Banderas provide a romantic setting for beachfront vows.

    Furthermore, Puerto Vallarta is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene. Offering everything from street tacos to gourmet cuisine, the city provides a unique opportunity to infuse your wedding with authentic Mexican flavors. The city’s warm hospitality, combined with its diverse attractions and natural beauty, makes Puerto Vallarta an unforgettable location for your special day.

    Cabo San Lucas: A Luxurious Destination for your Dream Wedding

    Cabo San Lucas holds undeniable allure as a luxurious destination for your dream wedding. Nestled on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, this enchanting Mexican paradise captivates couples with its breathtaking beauty and vibrant atmosphere. With its pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and stunning natural landscapes,

    Cabo San Lucas sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Whether you envision an intimate beachfront ceremony or a grand affair at one of the upscale resorts, this captivating destination offers a myriad of options to suit every couple’s taste and style. From the iconic El Arco rock formation to the vibrant marina bustling with yachts, Cabo San Lucas exudes a unique charm that makes it an irresistible choice for couples seeking a truly remarkable and luxurious wedding experience.

    Caribbean: An Exotic Haven for Dream Weddings

    The Caribbean is an exotic haven for dream weddings, with its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture. It creates a magical ambiance perfect for romantic celebrations of love. Whether you choose Jamaica, the Bahamas, or St. Lucia, the Caribbean offers breathtaking locations for exchanging vows. From intimate beach ceremonies to luxurious resort affairs, it caters to every couple’s vision. With year-round warm weather and crystal-clear waters, this destination ensures unforgettable memories for both the couple and their guests.

    The Most Romantic Caribbean Islands for Weddings

    For the most romantic Caribbean islands for weddings, St. Lucia’s dramatic landscapes, including the twin Pitons and waterfalls, make for a fairytale setting. The Bahamas’ collection of islands and cays offers options from bustling Nassau to secluded Exumas. Puerto Rico blends culture, colonial architecture, and beautiful beaches for a vibrant atmosphere. Antigua and Barbuda boast 365 sandy beaches, while Jamaica offers a mix of natural beauty and lively reggae music. Each Caribbean island promises a unique blend of beauty, romance, and tropical splendor, creating cherished memories on your special day.

    Playa Del Carmen: A Vibrant and Charming Wedding Destination

    Why Playa Del Carmen is Perfect for your Wedding

    Playa Del Carmen is a vibrant and charming wedding destination that offers everything you need for an unforgettable celebration. Located on the stunning Riviera Maya in Mexico, this coastal town combines pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and a lively atmosphere to create the ideal backdrop for your special day. With its warm and tropical climate, Playa Del Carmen provides a year-round wedding season, allowing you to plan your event at any time. The town’s unique blend of Mexican culture and cosmopolitan vibes adds an extra layer of charm to your wedding experience. From luxurious resorts to boutique hotels, Playa Del Carmen offers a range of accommodation options for you and your guests. Whether you envision a beachfront ceremony, a rooftop celebration with panoramic views, or a romantic garden setting, Playa Del Carmen has the perfect venue to bring your dream wedding to life.

    Riviera Maya: Where Mystique and Romance Meet

    A Riviera Maya wedding is a captivating blend of mystique and romance. Located along the stunning coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, this enchanting destination offers an irresistible allure for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience. The Riviera Maya boasts pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush tropical landscapes, creating a naturally breathtaking setting for your special day. Whether you choose an intimate beachfront ceremony or a grand celebration in one of the luxurious resorts, the Riviera Maya exudes a unique charm that sets the stage for a truly magical and romantic wedding celebration.

    Final words

    Choosing the perfect destination for your wedding can be as exciting as the event itself. Whether it’s the lush greenery of the Dominican Republic, the lively atmosphere of Puerto Vallarta, the luxury of Cabo San Lucas, the exotic enchantment of the Caribbean, the vibrancy of Playa Del Carmen, or the mystical allure of Riviera Maya, Designed Dream is ready to make your destination wedding planning truly unforgettable. Each destination offers a unique blend of culture, beauty, and romance, promising to make your wedding day the dream you’ve always envisioned. 

    Your perfect 'I do' moment awaits with Designed Dream

    B. Gallego
    B. Gallego
    Fidan and her team are absolutely AMAZING! The reason we chose Fidan is because we felt her warmth and kindness from our first consultation. She understood our visions and helped them come to life. She is kind, friendly, professional, has a lot of knowledge, and has good connections within the wedding industry. We had a roller coaster of a time planning our weddings after postponing it 4 times because of the pandemic. We truly could not have done it without her! She was so supportive, she knew how to maneuver the challenges, and she made the changes and re-bookings go as smoothly as possible. She and another vendor even surprised us by dropping off flowers and goodies to celebrate our initial wedding date, that was really special! We have already referred her services to a few friends whom she has also helped plan their weddings. We look forward to planning more events with her in the future. Thank you Fidan, Mandy and Kimia for taking care of us and being part of our special milestones!
    Brad P
    Brad P
    Fidan is wonderful and great to work with, very professional, and We are grateful that we got to work with Designed Dream Events, Thank you,
    Brigitte Carletti
    Brigitte Carletti
    Fidan is absolutely amazing and she did a fantastic job planning our wedding in beautiful Punta Cana in January 2023! She put in a lot of time, effort, dedication, and hard work to plan our wedding, and to have everything go smooth and memorable for the both of us!! It was great to hear from her when it came down to suggestions, recommendations, the pros and cons of various things, etc. Her communication, professionalism, patience, and organizational skills are very excellent as well, and that was what made our wedding planning so great. I honestly do not know how this wedding would turn out to be if it was not for her. Do NOT think twice to hire a wedding planner like Fidan. She is soo friendly and helpful in every way! Thank You Fidan for making our destination wedding perfect, beautiful, and everything we ever dreamed of come to life!! We are truly beyond happy!
    Lucy Bian
    Lucy Bian
    Mandy and Fidan are the best. Mandy personally spent several calls with us and our vendors to cross eyes and dot teeth, the level of detail is unbelievable. Fidan, you are the boss and you keep the ship running. We had our wedding at royal york, it went smoothly and we could even have started earlier - when does that ever happen to people ever? If you are wondering about this group of women, you should just hire them. Money best spent across all of my vendors. I would hire them again for any event. They rock!!!!
    Hollie Leong
    Hollie Leong
    As an event vendor myself, I have had the opportunity to work with Mandy and her team for many times over the years. Never once did they disappoint me and clients. Mandy is so responsive, professional, resourceful, and responsible. They really put in their 200% to give clients the best experience anyone could ever imagine. I always recommend Mandy and her team to my clients!
    Salem Morley
    Salem Morley
    Thank you to Mandy and the entire Designed Dream team for designing and planning the most perfect day just 3 months before our wedding date! Mandy was able to put together the most beautiful day - even better than I could have even imagined. Her attention to detail and organization made me feel so at ease and comfortable!
    Shabnam K
    Shabnam K
    Fidan and her team are wonderful, professional, detail-oriented and kind! We are so grateful that we got to work with Designed Dream team! Two years ago, before Pandemic, I started planning our wedding in Canada. Googling, I found too many planners and vendors, I felt lost and confused. I looked at Designed Dream profile on google and I trusted the reviews! A great great decision to make and that’s where our journey started with Fidan and her team! Pandemic happened and like many couples we had to reschedule our wedding not once but twice! Having an international family, not only we had reschedule the date but also we had to change the location of the wedding to Mexico so everyone could travel there easily (given the strict rules of Canada on closing the borders). If Fidan’s positive energy and support wasn’t with us, I would definitely cancel the wedding. She is kind and always available. The whole team made us feel we were the only customer they had (giving us all the attention needed) Fidan’s also extremely patient and flexible. Given our super busy schedule, she worked hard with us to schedule and plan the dreamiest destination wedding!! Our wedding was beautiful, fun, flawless and memorable! We got so many compliments about it… and I have to say, all the credits goes to this hardworking team.
    Sarah Graham
    Sarah Graham
    From the very start, Fidan helped me figure out exactly what I was looking for on my big day. Without her guidance I wouldn’t have been introduced to such talented vendors that helped make my vision come to life. These vendors we’re also so happy to hear that Fidan was our wedding planner, due to her professionalism and attention to detail. Throughout our two-years of planning (due to Covid) she made me feel supported and calm with frequent phone calls/emails and zoom sessions. I can’t thank Fidan and her team enough for making our day SO special. She made sure every little detail was in place, and allowed for myself to be present and not have to stress about anything. Brides, if I can suggest one tip…you NEED Fidan and her expertise in your life. She is the complete package and an absolute game changer. Thanks again for everything! Xoxox Sarah
    Angie D
    Angie D
    WE ARE SO THANKFUL! Fidan and her team came to the rescue in the middle of our stressful wedding planning. Fidan ensured she understood what we wanted, saw our vision, and helped us bring it to life. She was there for us every step of the way in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding, and made sure we did not miss any details. Even with last minute changes, she got it all done. She was always on top of it and available whenever we needed her. We did not touch our phones all day/night of our wedding, as we were in good hands, and Fidan and Kimia had it all under control and allowed us to enjoy the best day of our lives stress free. Thank you x a million! We are so appreciative!
    Myrna Gayed
    Myrna Gayed
    Hello Fidan David and I really wanted to thank you and the whole team for helping making our day go so smoothly! We really could not have had our dream day without you, Kimia and Melina’s help and guidance. You were all so professional In organizing the day and coordinating with all of our vendors particularly when one vendor dropped the ball you were able to perfect it down to the very last minute and detail. We are grateful to have worked with you! Thank you for always having our best interest in mind and taking care of all the last minute emergencies in order for us to have the most perfect day. We truly appreciate all your effort and hard work! Love, David & Myrna
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