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12 Adult Birthday Ideas in Toronto for Perfect Celebrations

Are you stuck on ideas for how to celebrate a special adult birthday in Toronto? Finding the perfect way to customize your celebration can be tricky – but we’ve got just the thing! From immersive arcade bars full of games and fun, to luxurious spa retreats and unique dining experiences, we’ve rounded up 12 amazing adult birthday ideas that will make it an unforgettable event for all involved.

Whether you’re looking for something low-key or want to go all out with an extravagant bash, there’s something here for every type of Toronto resident!

Let’s read on, and get ready to plan the best birthday experience ever with Designed Dream.

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    12 Adult Birthday Ideas in Toronto

    1. Have a picnic in High Park and enjoy the sun

    Why not have a picnic in High Park? With sprawling greenery, scenic ponds, and plenty of open space, High Park provides the perfect backdrop for a sunny day with friends and family. Spread out a blanket, pack some delicious snacks, and bask in the natural beauty of this urban oasis. It’s a low-key yet charming way to spend your special day while taking advantage of the great outdoors Toronto has to offer. Plus, you may even get to catch a glimpse of the adorable animals that call the park home!

    2. Embark on a Brewery Tour around Toronto

    Toronto is known for its thriving craft beer scene, and there’s no shortage of excellent breweries to explore. You could spend the day hopping from one brewery to the next, sampling a variety of delicious brews and learning about the brewing process. Some breweries even offer guided tours, where you can get an up-close look at their facilities and hear from expert brewers. With so many different breweries to choose from, you’re sure to have an unforgettable birthday experience that’s full of fun, flavor, and plenty of great memories.

    3. Enjoy a day at the Royal Ontario Museum

    Why not spend the day at the Royal Ontario Museum? With its fascinating exhibits and hands-on activities, this museum is the perfect place to while away an afternoon or even an entire day. From learning about dinosaurs and ancient civilizations to exploring the natural world and the cosmos, there’s something here for everyone. And if you’re looking for a special birthday treat, be sure to check out the ROM’s exclusive events and programming, like their popular Friday Night Live series. With so much to see and do at the Royal Ontario Museum, your birthday is sure to be a day you’ll never forget!

    4. Take a cooking class together with friends and family

    Toronto is home to a multitude of exciting birthday ideas, and one that is sure to impress is taking a cooking class with friends and family. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, there’s always something new to learn in the kitchen. The city offers a range of options, from Italian pasta-making to sushi rolling to French pastry classes. Not only is this a fun and hands-on way to celebrate your special day, but it’s also a great opportunity to bond with loved ones and create delicious memories together. So why not spice up your birthday celebration by trying your hand at a new culinary skill?

    5. Challenge your brave side by experiencing EdgeWalk at CN Tower

    If you are feeling brave, the EdgeWalk at CN Tower is an exhilarating option that will certainly push your limits. You will be tethered to a harness and walk along a 5-foot platform around the circumference of the tower. The panoramic views of the city and the adrenaline rush are sure to make for an unforgettable birthday celebration. Don’t worry if you’re not a daredevil. Toronto is also full of other unique and exciting ways to ring in another year of life.

    6. Go for a kayaking tour along Toronto's waterfront

    Why not try a kayaking tour along the city’s stunning waterfront? You’ll get to see the city from a different perspective and get some exercise while you’re at it. As you paddle along, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the skyline, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a first-timer, there are plenty of tour options available to suit all skill levels. So grab a few friends and get ready for an unforgettable birthday adventure!

    7. Go on a Segway Tour of the City

    If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your birthday in Toronto, consider going on a Segway tour of the city! With this activity, you’ll get to see some of Toronto’s most famous landmarks and attractions from a whole new perspective. Not only is it an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the city. Plus, it’s something that everyone in your group can enjoy, regardless of their age or interests. So why not try something different this year and book a Segway tour for your birthday celebration? It’s sure to be a memorable experience that you’ll cherish for years to come.

    8. Have a Paint and Sip Night

    Consider hosting a paint and sip night! Gather your friends and head to one of the many paint and sip studios located throughout the city. These studios offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you and your friends can enjoy a glass of wine or beer while creating your own masterpieces. Best of all, no painting experience is necessary – an instructor will guide you through the process step by step. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your special day while also tapping into your creativity.

    9. Take a Pottery Making Class

    One unique idea is to take a pottery making class. With numerous studios scattered throughout the city, there’s no shortage of places to try your hand at creating your own masterpiece. From crafting your very own mug or vase to making a one-of-a-kind piece, the possibilities are endless. Plus, not only will you have a fun and creative experience, but you’ll also have a tangible reminder of your special day for years to come. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday in a memorable and personalized way.

    10. Enjoy a Gourmet Dinner Cruise

    One of the top ideas is a Gourmet Dinner Cruise. This magical experience will take you on a voyage through the picturesque Toronto Harbour, giving you stunning views of the city skyline. Enjoy an exquisite dinner made with fresh, local ingredients prepared by the talented chefs on board. Whether it’s a romantic evening for two or a group of close friends, this unique birthday experience is sure to be unforgettable. Don’t forget to snap plenty of photos to capture the memories made on your special day!

    11. Explore the Toronto Zoo or Ripley's Aquarium

    When it comes to birthdays, there’s a plethora of fun and exciting options in Toronto to choose from. One idea is to explore the Toronto Zoo or Ripley’s Aquarium. These attractions offer a unique and interactive experience that’s perfect for all ages. The Toronto Zoo boasts over 5,000 animals from around the world, including majestic lions, towering giraffes and colourful birds. Meanwhile, Ripley’s Aquarium invites guests to touch and learn about the creatures that live in our oceans. 

    12. Take an architecture walking tour to admire the city’s skyline

    Consider taking an architecture walking tour. Not only will you get to stretch your legs and enjoy the beautiful city, but you’ll also get to admire Toronto’s impressive skyline. Toronto is home to some stunning buildings, and a walking tour is an excellent way to take them all in. Whether you’re a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, you’re sure to learn something new on our and leave with a greater appreciation for the city’s rich architectural history. So why not mix up your birthday celebration with a little bit of education and exercise? An architecture walking tour may be just what you need to make your special day memorable.

    Hear From Our Happy Clients About Their Memorable Celebrations

    Basia Ellis
    Basia Ellis
    Designed Dream Events exceeded all expectations! We purchased the one-month wedding planning package and it was the greatest decision we could have made for our wedding. There are so many things that you need to do for a wedding, and so many that you may not think of (especially if it’s your first time!), so having an EXCEPTIONALLY ORGANIZED expert to help you along the way—and then be there to execute your day—is soooo key. Prior to our wedding, the DD team worked with us to help us find vendors that matched our vision and ensure that we have all wedding contracts completed. Then, they worked with our vendors to execute the wedding exactly as we had hoped! Truly, while we already felt confident about our day thanks to the DD team’s INCREDIBLE SUPPORT AND PROFESSIONALISM during the planning process, we did not anticipate just how incredible Fidan and Milena would be on the day itself. They MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE CELEBRITIES the whole day—escorting you, guiding you, supporting your family, communicating with headphones and microphones to all the vendors—it was amazing. Our day was nothing short of FLAWLESS, which we know will make for amazing LIFELONG MEMORIES. We are thus sooo grateful to them and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to others!
    sara bahrami
    sara bahrami
    Having our wedding planned by Fidan, was the most amazing experience. She has the right attitude and personality to plan a stressful event and we really appreciated that during the planning process. The vendors she chose for us, met our expectations and everything went so smoothly on our wedding day. My fiancé and I were completely stress-free and didn’t have to worry about anything on the day of the wedding. She was always available to answer our questions, and to answer our calls. I am a perfectionist bride, and Fidan’s help was beyond my expectations. We had a few hiccups here and there as any wedding would, but Fidan was always there to support us. What a big smile and a calm personality. We highly recommend Fidan for Destination Weddings specially, if you want a hassle free wedding.
    Andrew V
    Andrew V
    Designed Dream Events exceeded our expectations with their exceptional level of professionalism and assistance. Their organization and efficiency were truly impressive, ensuring a flawless execution of our wedding. Fidan, in particular, proved to be a remarkable asset in the industry. She not only anticipated and attended to every detail, but also skillfully managed aspects that escaped our attention, such as the DJ, lighting, and overall design. Additionally, her adeptness at handling even the most challenging parental dynamics was commendable. Without a doubt, if you desire a confident and professional event planner, look no further than Designed Dream Events.
    danielle pasta
    danielle pasta
    Fidan and Kimia were our wedding planners and design team. They did an incredible job with the décor, and made the wedding process stress free. Their communication skills, attention to detail and impeccable coordination brought our vision to life! Would highly recommend!
    ann estacion
    ann estacion
    We had the pleasure of working with Fidan and her team as our month of coordinator for our wedding and we were very happy with our overall experience. Hiring a wedding coordinator/planner is something we would recommend to anyone regardless but we would highly recommend Fidan and her team for their expertise and experience in the industry alone. Planning our wedding with Fidan was so easy and stress free because she was extremely organized, always a professional, and came with a wealth of knowledge and network of vendors. Thank you again Fidan and Kimia for all the hard work you put in to creating such a beautiful day for us. Michael and I were genuinely able to enjoy our day to the fullest because we knew and trusted that your team was handling everything. We are so grateful!
    Jason Applebaum
    Jason Applebaum
    Working with Fidan and Milena is always a pleasure! They have the creativity, the passion and the professionalism that speaks volumes in the event and wedding industry. As an entertainment company, we always need to be aligned with the decor plan and vision for the event, and with the collaboration process, we always hit the mark with Designed Dream Events!
    B. Gallego
    B. Gallego
    Fidan and her team are absolutely AMAZING! The reason we chose Fidan is because we felt her warmth and kindness from our first consultation. She understood our visions and helped them come to life. She is kind, friendly, professional, has a lot of knowledge, and has good connections within the wedding industry. We had a roller coaster of a time planning our weddings after postponing it 4 times because of the pandemic. We truly could not have done it without her! She was so supportive, she knew how to maneuver the challenges, and she made the changes and re-bookings go as smoothly as possible. She and another vendor even surprised us by dropping off flowers and goodies to celebrate our initial wedding date, that was really special! We have already referred her services to a few friends whom she has also helped plan their weddings. We look forward to planning more events with her in the future. Thank you Fidan, Mandy and Kimia for taking care of us and being part of our special milestones!
    Brad P
    Brad P
    Fidan is wonderful and great to work with, very professional, and We are grateful that we got to work with Designed Dream Events, Thank you,
    Brigitte Carletti
    Brigitte Carletti
    Fidan is absolutely amazing and she did a fantastic job planning our wedding in beautiful Punta Cana in January 2023! She put in a lot of time, effort, dedication, and hard work to plan our wedding, and to have everything go smooth and memorable for the both of us!! It was great to hear from her when it came down to suggestions, recommendations, the pros and cons of various things, etc. Her communication, professionalism, patience, and organizational skills are very excellent as well, and that was what made our wedding planning so great. I honestly do not know how this wedding would turn out to be if it was not for her. Do NOT think twice to hire a wedding planner like Fidan. She is soo friendly and helpful in every way! Thank You Fidan for making our destination wedding perfect, beautiful, and everything we ever dreamed of come to life!! We are truly beyond happy!
    Lucy Bian
    Lucy Bian
    Mandy and Fidan are the best. Mandy personally spent several calls with us and our vendors to cross eyes and dot teeth, the level of detail is unbelievable. Fidan, you are the boss and you keep the ship running. We had our wedding at royal york, it went smoothly and we could even have started earlier - when does that ever happen to people ever? If you are wondering about this group of women, you should just hire them. Money best spent across all of my vendors. I would hire them again for any event. They rock!!!!

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