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3D Weddings

We are delighted to offer our 3D wedding design for your perfect and personalized dream wedding. Designed Dream, the wedding planner in Toronto, offers 3D wedding designs to help couples to visualize their virtual wedding scene.


Recently we added a new feature to our wedding planning services, now we are able to create 3D sketches for our clients to help them visualize their big day decor and design better. 

Below are a few examples of our recent works as 3D sketches and actual photos from the weddings/events.

When you hear the term 3D wedding design, it might conjure up memories of pop-up books and other children’s toys. Designed Dream will change your perception with its innovative designs for weddings from every possible angle.

A marriage ceremony can be a beautiful event that celebrates love as well as new beginnings together; however, there are often many details involved that go unnoticed by guests until they’re at the venue or watching photos after!

While some couples may start taking on DIY projects early on, others choose to hire professionals such as Designed Dream, who will help take care of virtually everything so all you have left to do is show up and enjoy yourselves!

In order to make your wedding the perfect day, a virtual reality experience is just what you need. Designed Dream offers 3D designs of weddings all around Toronto so that couples can visualize their dream wedding scene before it even happens!

One thing that can make your wedding extra special may be the unforgettable 3D wedding design. Designed Dream lets you experience virtual reality, giving couples the opportunity to see themselves on their perfect day without worry if it was possible with typical 2-dimensional paper sketches and find a style that reflects who they are as people.

We can create multiple designs to best suit your needs: engagement sketches for proposals, designer sketches for chic loose leaf invitations, and rustic watercolors for country weddings – no matter what type of ceremony or event you’re planning (if any), there is a perfect style just waiting to affirm your dream day.

“When planning your unique and perfect dream wedding, visualizing the setting is key. Designed Dream, the wedding planner in Toronto, offers 3D wedding designs to help couples see their virtual wedding scene. If you’re looking for something truly special and personalized, our expert team of destination wedding planner in Toronto can take your ideas and turn them into a breathtaking 3D reality, ensuring every detail is tailored to your taste.”

See How It Looks:

3D Sketch Actual Event


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