4 Strategies for Choosing a Wedding Design, Theme & Style

Planning and designing your own wedding is a lot of fun, but can also be very challenging!

First and most challenging…

You’re asking yourself—what wedding design, theme and style do I choose?

Your Wedding Planner Can Help With That:

1. By Season…

Winter—choose blue with silver or white, red and/or green with gold. Metallics with black, ivory on white and any combination with rich jewel tones fit the bill. Feathers look great in centerpieces or your bouquet.

This is the time of year when you can be sure that romance and elegance are much appreciated by guests stuck indoors for most of the time. Play with lighting, sensual fabrics and ornate accents to create opulence. Take your guests on a fantasy journey with you!

Spring & Summer are more flexible—the world is exploding with colour…green, yellow, blue, pink, purple or even red are great, as well as flowers like lily of the valley, shasta daisies, daffodils, tulips and freesia. Some popular combinations like pink and green double as the theme.

Bottom line: think light and airy and you can’t go wrong!

Popular Autumn wedding colours include the naturals, coffee colours (latté/mocha), or chocolate brown (also a theme all on its own) or mixed with rust, orange, lime, yellow, hunter green and burgundy.

Maple leafs are a lovely theme for both decorations and your wedding cake. Get back to nature this year by thinking of cornucopias filled with harvest items (grapes) along with anything retro or art deco.

2. Location, Location, Location!

Whether a golf club, hotel, waterfront venue or old-style banquet hall, you may want to choose a matching wedding style.

The architectural features of your reception place may lend an idea for your wedding theme, some examples:

  • Baroque
  • Renaissance
  • Thoroughly Modern.

3. Your Hobby or Your Story

Think about what you two like or enjoy doing together. It might be a movie watching, travelling, sports, TV shows, golfing, sailing and the list goes on and on and on. Once you decide on what you would like to take as your inspiration, start to build up from there.

Another idea is to think about your story and use it as your them. Think about how you met or how your proposed, perhaps you travelled together to the Disneyland or to Paris and got your proposal there, which will make a great story for your design or perhaps you on a vacation in a very exotic place, which you can also use as an inspiration for your design. Imagination is limitless!!

4. You have Favourite Colours or Flowers in mind for your wedding theme…


Your Wedding Planner’s/Designer’s job is to be inspired by you and your ideas and make everything coordinate flawlessly.

All elements:

  • floral design
  • decorations
  • bouquet
  • bridal gown
  • wedding cake
  • wedding stationary
  • favours
  • music
  • and lots of minor details…

Are all connected and must harmonize in order to tell your guests your wedding story.

And that is the main reason you need a Professional Wedding Planner/Designer—the go-to expert for successfully combining all the elements you desire for a beautiful, harmonious day.

And isn’t that what you really want?


Photo credit: Olive Photography


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