How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

More and more couples are choosing the Great Outdoors as the perfect venue to begin their married journey together. There are some unique things to consider however, if you are planning to celebrate your wedding on the beach, mountain top or under the stars. 


Your very first consideration when planning your outdoor wedding is where the celebration will take place.

Botanical Garden, 





Golf Club


The sky’s the limit!

Once you settle on the location, be sure your guests know they will be outside so they can plan their attire accordingly.


Weather forecasting seems to be more of an art than a science these days in Toronto, so be prepared and rent a tent.

A large tent will be used by your guests, rain or shine, and remember, wind can be a spoiler as well, so even if you hold your service outside, you and your guests can retire to a “wind-free” place already set up with trash receptacles to prevent paper napkins or plates from marring the scene.

A tent also provides an opportunity for some great decorations without overpowering the great outdoors! 


Essential for an outdoor wedding, even though you’ve chosen a picture-perfect spot, are decorations—flowers, decor, lighting etc.

You may be able to lower your costs here, as the outdoor atmosphere creates its own mystery and taste of intrigue, especially at sunset, when the lights go down, au natural so to speak.

Add a lot of light fabric (chiffon) to your decor to create an airy look. A ceremony arch beautifully decorated with the fresh organic looking flowers can be a beautiful gateway to marriage; according to the place and decorations you’ve chosen.

For instance, if it’s a forest wedding, stay “on theme” with lots of leaves and flowers found in that area,
while a beach cries out for seashells, coral tones and pearls. In a botanical garden or park, some green fruit and flowers could be used to make a statement on the beauty of nature itself. Let’s say for instance, you use green apples or limes in the centerpieces, with some greenery  for the bride bouquet…

You could also use apples and limes as name cardholders and fresh flowers on your cake. This also saves you money, as repetition and consistency make for economical buying power.

Eco-friendly, green weddings, best displayed in a garden or park-like setting.

Food & Beverages

What you drink and eat at your wedding also depends on the venue. In the case of an outdoor wedding you can match things like:

  • Seafood with a Beach Wedding
  • More Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at a Farm or Forest Wedding

Tip: Check to ensure the venue chef or caterer has experience in serving outdoor weddings! You don’t want any problems with spoiling food due to lack of refrigeration…

Likewise, you should offer your guests plenty of iced drinks on a hot summer day to keep everyone hydrated and happy.

I hope this article gives you some ideas for the outdoors weddings, should you have any questions or would like to brainstorm more, feel free to contact us!


Photo credit: Andrew Mark Photography

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