About Us

Mission Statement:

Designed Dream Wedding & Event Planning is an Award Winning company, that has been in the wedding industry for almost a decade and successfully planned, styled and coordinated over 150 weddings! We will take you by the hand and lead you through the whole intricate process of creating the first, most important day in the life of your new family!

Our Awesome Team

Fidan Ismayilova, WPICC, Founder of Designed Dream Wedding & Event Planning and Certified Wedding Planner.
Fidan Ismayilova, WPICC, Founder of Designed Dream Wedding & Event Planning and Certified Wedding Planner.

After planning and designing Fidan’s wedding in 2008 and creating unforgettable life memories, she started helping family and friends plan their weddings, as well as other events. With her love to beautiful weddings and passion for creativity, this very romantic by nature person was able to design weddings not only remembered by the bride and groom, but also by their guests.

With two Master’s degrees and an extensive experience in Marketing and Event Management, Fidan successfully launched Designed Dream Wedding & Event Planning in 2010, with the firm belief that she could also help and support other people to make their dreams come true.

Pulling experience together from all over the world; having spent significant parts of her life in Europe, Asia and North America, Fidan is able to include many intercultural aspects into her designs. This gives her an advantage in understanding and working with various cultures, all while ensuring the most cherished traditions don’t get lost in modern wedding design, but underline it.


Carly Chen

Carly Chen joined the Designed Dream Team in 2015 and today she is our Lead Coordinator. She is an outgoing, passionate and extremely organized person. During her university and post-university years she planned a few events that helped her gain and develop her organizational skills and expand her insight into event planning. After having assisted in planning and coordinating weddings of her friends’ she became fully determined to make wedding and event planning her life-long career.

Born and raised in China, Carly has a strong understanding of Chinese culture and traditions and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.


Stacey Ramnauth

Stacey Ramnauth joined the Designed Dream Team as a trainee first in 2015 and made her way up to the a wedding planner assistant in 2016. She has a good understanding of the West Indian Culture and traditions. Having worked in the Human Resources industry for over 5 years, she brings her core strengths of organization, communication and passion to any event.

Growing up with a huge family, celebrating several events a year, Stacey is accustomed to throwing an event and seeing others happy and having fun is always top of mind!


Kristina Zinyuk

Kristina Zinyuk has been working with Designed Dream since our first day and is our Lead Coordinators today. She is an enthusiastic, creative and extremely organized person, whose passion is to plan and organize memorable events.

Kristina loves all aspects of the event planning experience from planning to decoration to coordination. She has proved many times that she has been a great addition to the Designed Dream’s team.


Elly Zhang

Elly Zhang joined the Designed Dream team in 2014. Having assisted in decorating many of her friends’ weddings, she realized her gift for wedding planning and her passion for executing dream weddings and events. Growing up she has always had a niche for designing, organizing and facilitating events.

She was born in China and came to Canada for university education. Elly is fluent at English, Mandarin and has a good understanding of Cantonese. She is very familiar with Asian culture and traditions. Hence she is our Bridal Coordinator’s Assistant specializing in Asian Weddings.


Alina Tacmelova

Our designer-florist, Alina Tacmelova, had an extensive Canadian and European experience. She brings new ideas and trends from the floral shows she visits every year in Europe. Her conceptual designs based not only on the shiny centrepieces and gorgeous bouquets, but also on small details that makes your wedding or event decor solid from the top to the bottom.

We partnered up with Alina in 2011 and since then we create beautiful weddings and other events, as well as creative style photo shoots together. Clients love her outgoing personality and amazing creativity.